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dynamic data

Sustainable Management

Prioritize projects and execute

Benchmark building performance, set goals and monitor progress toward goals. Pinpoint
inefficiency within your buildings and develop strategies to reduce consumption and save money.
Compare scenarios based on cost and risk, then track project results and savings to validate ROI.

Put your data to work

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Weight scenarios

Plan ahead wisely

Leverage the project sandbox to evaluate potential efficiency projects on criteria such as carbon reduction or money saved.

Manage projects

​Manage projects

Validate the performance of efficiency
projects such as ROI.

Control and optimize consumption

​Manage consumption

See up-to-date enterprise and facility carbon
emissions and resource consumption to identify
poor performing facilities.

Measure results

​Take action with information

Get interactive access to all activity details such as consumption, contracts, costs and savings, and initiatives.

Monitoring and improvement

​Improve performance

Create your own
projects, track metrics,
and enter key milestones
to better connect your
projects to goals,
forecasts, and progress.