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dynamic data

Resource Insight

Uncover opportunities in your resource data

EcoStruxure Resource Advisor enables both data analysis and data action. It puts 400 streams of data at your
fingertips within the clear context of your role and responsibilities, so you can see opportunities in that
data. Energy, water, waste, carbon, building metrics, weather, and more can all be integrated into a
single platform, which provides the ability to see high-level trends across an enterprise down to granular
load profiles of a single building or piece of equipment. Sustainability, Finance, and Energy teams can
all collaborate and find inefficiencies remotely, leveraging a single, clean data set.

Put your data to work

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Track spend

See in order to save

Get snapshots of spend and usage across your enterprise.

Monitor Markets

Keep up with the market

Schneider Electric’s energy analysts model key futures markets and dozens of energy index points across the globe, providing special updates based on this analysis.

Benchmark sites

​Set the right bar

Bring context to your energy and sustainability
information. See both enterprise performance and sites.

See consumption metrics

​Know what you consume

Establish and track your enterprise carbon, water, and waste footprints to deep dive into facility consumption.

Find inefficiencies

​Monitor inefficiencies

See granular site interval data and use weather and schedules to identify inefficiencies. Use intelligent alerts to identify unexpected patterns.