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dynamic data

Dynamic Data

Accurate data — all in one view

You don’t need more data; you need good data. Good data can be leveraged across your entire
enterprise to save money and increase efficiency and transparency. You can measure, track,
summarize, and share resource supply, consumption, and performance data across your enterprise.
Then, you can leverage survey tools to collect and analyze data on partners, suppliers, and
employees. You can make informed decisions based on accurate, verified data.

Four steps for levering the power of your data

  • 1


    Determine what data exists
    and identify gaps based on
    required KPI's.

  • 2


    Integrate data into a SaaS
    energy and sustainability
    management platform.

  • 3


    Analyze integrated data across
    the enterprise and drill into low-
    performing sites.

  • 4


    Mine data for inefficiencies,
    make recommendations and
    take action.

Put your data to work

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Assure data quality

Rely on audited, verified data

Data streams undergo stringent industry-standard quality testing and cleaning.

Collect data

Get any and all data

We help integrate all your data; from spreadsheets, invoices, meters, and submeters, to gathering data directly from your utility, there is no data source we can't collect.

Aggregate data

Streamline data

Collect and combine procurement, usage, and sustainability information from interval meters, utility data, software, invoices, and more.

Integrate existing systems

See across your enterprise

Leverage and integrate data from your existing business systems.